See An Ad On Facebook For A Delivery Job? Be Careful

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These days, everybody is interested in finding a lucrative side gig — but Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is urging citizens to be cautious about any delivery jobs that require crossing the border into Mexico and back.

The vast majority of heavy-duty drugs making their way into circulation in the United States aren’t coming from homegrown meth labs, California pot farms or pill mills, nor are they being shipped in by boat or plane under cover of darkness.

Instead, the majority of drugs are coming from sophisticated labs in Mexico, and they’re being taken right through legal points of entry — often by unsuspecting drug “mules.”

These Facebook ads have been identified as suspect

The ads appear everywhere across the country and are particularly compelling to people in border states or those who occasionally visit relatives in Mexico. The ads ask for drivers willing to transport foreign currency or paperwork to money exchange houses in Texas from various points in Mexico. When a prospective driver takes the bait, they are told to meet a supervisor to apply for the position — usually at a storefront office or random parking lot.

During the “interview,” while the potential drug mule is distracted, a second person will hide the drugs in their car. When the driver is handed the money or paperwork they’re supposed to deliver, they head back over the border unaware of their illicit cargo — until they’re caught going through customs.

Have you been charged with transporting drugs as a “mule?”

Meth, cocaine and cannabis are top among the seized drugs found in the vehicles at the border — and the fact that you claim you were tricked into making the trip with drugs hidden in your car won’t necessarily matter to the authorities. These are serious charges, for which you need a serious defense.

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