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Helping You Manage A Complicated Situation

As domestic violence laws continue to evolve, the rules only seem to get more and more confusing. For that reason, you do not want to attempt to represent yourself if you are facing charges related to domestic violence.

Instead, rely on us here at Brown & Stedman LLP. We combine years of experience with a uniquely personalized level of legal representation for clients throughout California’s Rancho Santa Margarita area and beyond.

We put that knowledge to work for you when crafting a strategy responsive to your unique circumstances.

We believe the best way to meet your legal needs is by having you work personally and closely with your defense team. We get to know you, your case’s facts and your unique legal goals.

How Can We Help You?

Do not wait. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start building a successful legal strategy responsive to your particular circumstances.

Call us at to make your free initial appointment. You can also schedule your consultation with us by contacting the firm online.