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White Collar Crime

Orange County White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crime refers to a wide range of criminal actions typically committed for financial gain. These offenses are usually nonviolent but can involve exorbitant sums of money. Due to their inherently subversive nature and the methods that people use to commit these crimes, white collar criminal cases can often span years or even decades of unlawful behaviors. Many white collar crime cases involve high-profile leaders of business and industry, regulators, and various people holding official positions.

White collar crime cases are particularly complex due to the nature of the actions these offenses often involve and the methods most offenders use to conceal their activities. As a result, it can take a long time for patterns of white collar crime to become visible, and the penalties for conviction can be severe depending on the unique details of the case.

If you currently face any charges for white collar crimes in Orange County, CA, you must secure criminal defense representation you can trust as soon as possible. In addition, you need a defense attorney who is experienced in handling complex financial matters that your case is likely to entail.

Why You Need an Orange County White Collar Crime Lawyer

While you may have the option to secure defense representation free of charge from a public defender, it is essential to understand that a public defender can only offer so much in an inherently complex case like a white collar crime case. While they are experienced and hardworking, most public defenders in Orange County face very demanding job duties that require them to handle multiple cases at a time. Therefore, a public defender would be unlikely to be able to provide the high degree of defense counsel you need for a complex white collar crime case.

White collar criminal defense matters often include other types of laws and disciplines. Sometimes, these matters, being in an administrative arena, may require accountants or other professionals, and they may impact your employment. No one person has all the answers. That’s why our experience and network allow us to provide the most comprehensive white collar defense available at a most affordable price.

When you work with us here at the law office of Brown & Stedman LLP, we provide you with criminal defense representation designed to address those exacting needs. Our personalized approach to these matters makes us particularly adept at protecting your rights in white collar criminal defense cases throughout the Rancho Santa Margarita and Santa Ana areas in California.

A Uniquely Personalized Legal Experience

When you need an Orange County white-collar crime lawyer, it is essential to choose an attorney with solid experience handling cases similar to yours. We represent clients in a variety of white collar defense matters, including:

  • Fraud. Fraud is a crime of deception typically committed for financial gain. There are various forms of fraud, but all involve making false statements on official documents or knowingly concealing relevant information in financial transactions.
  • Embezzlement. This is the act of using business funds and assets for personal reasons. This type of behavior can lead to internal disciplinary actions against the party at fault, civil claims for business damages, and criminal prosecution.
  • Forgery. This crime can involve signing another person’s signature, falsifying any official document, or misrepresentation of important information in any official capacity.
  • Money laundering. This charge applies when a legitimate business knowingly accepts funds from illegal sources and processes them through the company, disguising them as official sales. Cash-based businesses are most often used for money laundering, and business owners will accept cash from illegal activities and create bogus transactions to disguise these funds as legitimate. The launderer typically receives a percentage from the parties depositing illegally obtained funds for their efforts. It can be very difficult for law enforcement to detect and reveal money laundering operations.
  • Tax matters. Knowingly reporting false information to tax authorities is one of the most severe forms of fraud a person can commit. This can potentially qualify as a federal crime if the tax fraud occurs at the federal level, and the penalties can exceed tens of thousands of dollars for each offense.

You will appreciate the access you have to our attorneys. You may be expecting to fight your way through layers of bureaucracy and assistants when wanting to speak to your attorney in a white collar criminal defense case.

Not so here at Brown & Stedman LLP. The entire mission of our firm is to deliver a rare legal experience to you, in which you communicate with your lawyer one-to-one whether your case is a criminal defense case or a civil case.

Potential Penalties for White Collar Crime Convictions

Although most white collar offenses are nonviolent, the penalties for conviction can mirror those assigned to violent felonies. White collar crime typically involves some form of fraud or theft, and the penalties assigned to a defendant in a white collar crime case aim to reflect the severity of their actions and the amount they illegally obtained.

In California, most white collar criminal offenses can potentially qualify as misdemeanors or felonies, but due to the sums often stolen through white collar crime, most defendants in these cases face felony prosecution. The penalties for a white collar felony typically include heavy fines, restitution to any victims, and incarceration. At the misdemeanor level, a defendant will likely be sentenced to time in county jail and go to state prison for a felony offense.

Civil penalties also often follow white collar crimes. For example, if the defendant defrauded an individual or multiple victims, the victims of their activities could file civil lawsuits to seek compensation for the losses they suffered. As a result, your Orange County white collar crime attorney may need to defend you in criminal court and against civil claims.

What to Expect From Your Orange County White Collar Crime Lawyer

When you choose Brown & Stedman LLP to represent you in a white collar crime case, we will take the time to carefully investigate all of the details of the situation. We’ll listen to your side of the issue and help you determine your best available defenses. For example, you may have been wrongfully accused due to poorly maintained records, miscommunication, or misinterpretation of past statements. Whatever your case may entail, you can rest assured our team will investigate every avenue of defense thoroughly on your behalf.

If you have been wrongfully charged with an offense you did not commit, we will do everything to prove your innocence and dismantle the prosecution’s case. However, if you made a mistake and broke the law, our team can guide you through the plea-bargaining process, potentially resulting in lowered charges and a reduced sentence. Ultimately, you could have more opportunities for defense than you initially realize, but you will need an experienced attorney to help you take full advantage of these defense options.

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Time is a critical factor in any criminal case. If you have been charged with any white collar crime in Orange County, it is vital to exercise your right to legal counsel as swiftly as possible and secure defense representation you can trust. The sooner you contact and hire an Orange County white collar crime attorney, the sooner they can begin working on your case and formulating a defense. Brown & Stedman LLP has the experience and resources to guide you through the most complex white collar crime cases. Get in touch with us today to start the process of protecting your rights.

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