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Criminal Immigration Concerns

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You may know a criminal case can have a direct impact on your immigration status, but there are ways you can fight back, protect your interests and continue to move forward with your immigration goals. The California attorneys at Brown & Stedman LLP have experience in both criminal defense law and immigration law, and we are the experienced legal allies you need during this difficult time.

Whether you are in the country legally or illegally, a criminal conviction or even pending charges can have an impact your status. In some cases, it could be grounds for deportation. While this is a serious situation for you, you still have rights, regardless of your immigration status. You left your country, but you did not leave your rights. We can help you fight for a beneficial outcome to your individual situation.

The Intersection Of Two Complex Legal Areas

When facing criminal charges of any kind, it can have a direct impact on your future and your personal freedom. A conviction can lead to time behind bars, loss of reputation, expensive fines and a myriad of other consequences that can negatively impact your life for years to come. Another grave consequence of your criminal case is the impact it can have on your immigration status.

If you do not have permission to reside in the United States, you are a permanent resident seeking citizenship or you have a specific type of visa, criminal activity can be detrimental for you. You could face loss of permissions, revocation of visas and even deportation back to your home country. As both experienced criminal defense attorneys and knowledgeable immigration lawyers, we can serve to defend you against all charges and help you address the implications for your immigration case.

When Your Future Is On The Line, We Are On Your Side

No matter your immigration status, you have right to legal guidance and to fight the charges against you. You also have the right to seek a legal adjustment to your status. Regardless of your criminal or immigration case, we are happy to discuss your options and explain how we can protect your rights.

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