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Police arrest 4 on drug charges at California dog care facility

Media outlets have reported that police in California took three men and a woman into custody at an Orange County dog boarding facility on June 6. The four suspects face a number of narcotics charges including drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession. One of the apprehended individuals is said to be the owner of the facility. Police believe that the business provides a legitimate service to pet owners in the community but was also being used to distribute heroin and methamphetamine.

Undercover Fullerton Police Department detectives who were stationed outside the West Walnut Avenue facility moved in after allegedly observing an individual with an outstanding warrant enter the premises. Reports indicate that the business was under observation as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Detectives say a subsequent search revealed that the man was living in the facility and led to the discovery of 1.6 grams of methamphetamine and 28 grams of heroin. Police are also said to have found several items that suggested the seized drugs were intended for sale and not personal use.

Proposed immigration plan could kick people off waiting lists

Some California immigrants who have been on years-long waiting lists for green cards may be thrown off the lists entirely as part of a proposed Trump administration immigration policy. Immigrants would be required to re-apply under the new system, and while some might subsequently face a shorter wait time, others might not be eligible at all.

The new plan proposes a system of points and removing the categories for employment- and family-based immigration. It would also eliminate country caps. The more than 3.6 million people waiting for approval under family status would lose their place. However, it may go through changes after being written. It must also be approved by Congress, where Democrats are likely to oppose it.

Naturalization could help you bring family to US

For many around the world, coming to the United States and starting a new life is a dream. The U.S. is known as the land of opportunities. It’s promised that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve success. And as part of that dream, people want to share the the experience with their loved ones.

For immigrants who become naturalized American citizens, family-based immigration provides opportunities to help spouses, children, siblings, parents or finances get permanent residency status in the U.S.

Crimes that could get an undocumented worker deported

Many immigrants come to the U.S. for economic opportunity and to achieve a better standard of living. America holds many different opportunities and has produced so many innovations in manufacturing, financial services, technology and other industries. This has attracted people from across the world. Undocumented workers have been a vital labor force for many sectors of the economy, including meat processing, agriculture and industrial trades.

Risks to immigrants

New BAC limit could mean trouble for California drivers

No one wants to see those flashing red and blue lights in the rear-view mirror, especially after a night out. This situation could soon become even more stressful if California lawmakers pass a new bill that would lower the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.

Operators of dark net drug website apprehended in California

A multinational police operation has led to charges being filed against four individuals accused of running a dark net website that traded in illegal drugs, stolen personal information, and malicious software according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Central District of California. Three of the individuals taken into custody are German nationals who were apprehended in Los Angeles. The fourth is a Brazilian national who was taken into custody in his home country.

The website, which was known as the Wall Street Market according to federal prosecutors, is said to have used sophisticated encryption techniques and only accepted payments in difficult-to-trace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to elude law enforcement. Court papers reveal that the website's visitors were able to purchase drugs including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. The three Germans are accused of being the site's administrators and each face multiple felony counts of money laundering and distributing narcotics.

Criminal charges impede the immigration process

Immigration dominates headlines in the United States with possible changes in asylum status and ICE's new program to strengthen immigration enforcement. However, there are many aspects of the immigration process that is still not publicized to the public.

For example, a large factor in a person's immigration status is their criminal record. Whether it's a legal immigrant in the U.S. or a resident of another country, a criminal conviction has severe effects on any potential visas or citizenship.

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