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The Information You Need Regarding Your Immigration Concerns

We understand how complex and confusing it can be for your California family to address your immigration concerns. Immigration laws are complex, and it is not easy to get straightforward information or direct answers to your questions. At Brown & Stedman LLP, we are committed to providing honest guidance for California families and helping you understand your rights and options.

Whether you are an individual already legally residing in the United States, are hoping to move here in the future or are living here without the appropriate permissions, we can help. You may have left your country, but you did not leave your rights behind. We can protect your interests and provide the answers you need.

Addressing Complex Questions And Concerns

You may be reluctant to trust an immigration lawyer with your case, but you can trust our experience, discretion and dedication to client results. Each immigration case is unique, and we offer individual service tailored to your specific needs. Some of the questions we can answer for you include the following:

  • I have a green card and wish to have permanent residency. How do I accomplish this? If you already have a green card, you may be eligible to seek citizenship through naturalization. Achieving permanent resident status or citizenship is a lengthy, cumbersome process, but you do not have to walk through it alone.
  • What can I do to help family members? If you have permanent resident status and you want to bring loved ones to the United States, there are a few different legal options available to you. We can explain these options and help your family meet your specific immigration goals.
  • I received a notice that indicates I will be deported. What do I do? notice for pending removal from the United States is frightening. By contacting our firm immediately, we can take quick action to protect your rights, keep your family together and potentially help you avoid deportation.

Our experience in complex immigration concerns can serve to your benefit. When you trust us with your immigration concerns, you will receive the compassionate support you need and aggressive legal representation you deserve.

Do Not Wait To Get Help

You would be wise to get the answers and information you need as soon as possible. Our attorneys offer free initial case evaluations, so you can discuss your case with no financial obligation to you. Call our Rancho Santa Margarita office at or complete the online contact form for help.

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