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The law office of Brown & Stedman LLP appreciates the pressures facing today’s government employees. You have difficult-to-understand rules and laws that can turn the fulfillment of your duties as a government employee or official into a minefield.

We are here to help. Through our firm’s lawyer, Edwin B. Brown, we bring more than 37 years of experience to bear on every government related case we handle. With that experience comes judgment. We understand how to handle difficult matters that may involve unsettled law, gray areas and highly visible public issues throughout the Rancho Santa Margarita area and throughout California.

Seasoned Legal Judgment

We represent a wide range of government employees, including police officers, members of the military, Department of Veterans Affairs’ employees and prison correctional officers. In doing so, our firm draws on the 45 combined years of experience in the public sector.

If you are facing accusations from an auditor, an inspector general or any other investigative body, you can depend on us to protect your rights. Our experience means we understand the unique rules and circumstances often involved in government employee cases and we know how to best advise you.

Often public employees and others face civil and criminal investigations. For this reason, we offer both civil and criminal defense representation. You can count on us to provide you with representation informed by insights from both areas, an often important benefit where civil government matters touch upon potential criminal issues.

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