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Experienced Legal Judgment In Civil Matters

For more than 37 years, Edwin B. Brown has delivered outstanding legal representation to clients in civil matters around the globe, as well as throughout California’s Rancho Santa Margarita area. Now, he brings this level of seasoned service to Brown & Stedman LLP to bring you the gold standard in uniquely personalized legal services.

Let Brown & Stedman LLP Provide You With Legal Solutions

We can advise you intelligently regarding your legal options and then help you choose from those options wisely, even when the law in a given situation may be unsettled or still developing.

We represent clients in a wide variety of civil matters, including those matters involving:

To most effectively represent you, we provide you with direct access to attorney Brown. We remove the layers of bureaucracy and administration that can often make legal services seem impersonal.

We think of our approach as lawyering the way it was meant to be. We believe that a solid attorney-client relationship with you provides the foundation for effective customized legal representation.

The world is more sophisticated than ever today. We therefore believe only highly customized and experienced legal representation can fully address your particular legal needs. For that reason, we make personalized legal services the hallmark of our firm’s approach.

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