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Riverside, California, is a fruitful and diverse town in the greater Los Angeles area that provides a wide variety of economic and housing opportunities. Many individuals around the world have relatives located in Riverside and are keen to join them, beginning a new life in California. If you or a loved one is looking to find meaningful family based immigration opportunities in the Riverside area, then a Riverside family-based immigration from Brown & Stedman LLP can provide critical legal advice and support.

The Brown & Stedman LLP team has been working with non-citizens living in the Riverside area to find family-based solutions that allow them to establish residency in the area. Furthermore, our lawyers are experienced in helping family members who are currently abroad carry out successful application processes. Whether you are looking to get a visa to bring your spouse to Riverside or need assistance updating your immigration status, our team of family-based immigration lawyers can assist you.

Best Riverside Family Based Immigration

Understanding Family-Based Green Cards & Visas

If you are a family member of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, then you may be eligible to get a green card to live and work in the United States. A green card is a long-term type of visa that lasts for ten years and must be renewed before it expires. Green card holders are known as lawful permanent residents and have the opportunity to eventually pursue a pathway to citizenship.

There are different priorities of family-based visas that are categorized based on whether the petitioner is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. The relationship of the applicant with the petitioner will also be considered. Certain priority green cards, such as first-priority family green cards, do not have a limited number of spots per year and have much shorter associated wait times.

Preferences for Family-Based Visas

The type of familial connection determines the preference level for family members of US citizens or permanent residents.

  • Immediate An immediate family member of a United States citizen can most easily get a green card. According to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), an immediate family member is an unmarried minor child under the age of 21 (IR2), the spouse (IR1 or CR1), or the parent (IR5) of a U.S. citizen. There is no limit on the number of immediate family-based immigration visas that can be granted each year.
  • First Preference Immigration laws also allow for older children or more distant family members to gain a visa through familial relationships. A first-preference (F1) family member is an unmarried child over the age of 21 of a U.S. citizen. This type of preference has the shortest wait time outside of immediate family members of U.S. citizens.
  • Second Preference Second preference family-based visas are split into F2A and F2B categories. Family members who are eligible for an F2A visa include daughters and sons who are unmarried and under the age of 21 and spouses of lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders). Eligible applicants for an F2B visa include the children of lawful permanent residents who are unmarried and over the age of 21.
  • Third Preference Family-Based Visas Third preference (F3) family-based visas qualify married children of U.S. citizens for a visa.
  • Fourth Preference Family-Based Visas Fourth preference (F4) eligible applicants are adult siblings of U.S. citizens. This category of familial relationships will wait the longest to be eligible for a visa into the United States.

How to Apply for a Family-Based Green Card?

If you are looking to get a family-based green card to jumpstart or continue your life in Riverside, then the exact process that you will go through depends on your location at the time of application. There are different processes for those currently in the United States or those currently abroad. Eligible family members can obtain a family-based green card by going through the following general process:

  • Determine Your Eligibility. In addition to having certain familial relations with a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, you must meet other requirements to apply for a family-based green card. You must also confirm that your family member will submit a petition on your behalf.
  • File a Family-Based Petition. If you meet all requirements and your family member agrees to file on your behalf, they will have to fill out and submit a Form I-130, known as “Petition for Alien Relative.” An experienced immigration lawyer from our firm can help ensure that the application is completed correctly with all the appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Receive A Decision. USCIS will review your application and eventually deliver a decision. If your petition is rejected, a lawyer from our firm can help you appeal the decision. If it is approved, USCIS will forward your application to the National Visa Center in the country where you are located. Your application will be there until a spot, or an immigrant visa number, becomes available. For immediate visas, there are always spots available.
  • Get An Immigrant Visa Number. The National Visa Center will send you a notification when an immigrant visa number is about to become available for your application. You will need to upload supporting documents and pay costs for processing, which they will request from you.
  • Attend An Interview. Your local consulate will notify you when it is time for you to come for an interview. They will review your application, ask you questions, and decide whether or not you are eligible for a family-based immigration visa. If they determine that you are eligible, they will grant you a “Visa Packet.” It is vital that you refrain from opening this packet, regardless of the reason.
  • Travel to the United States. After arriving at the port of entry into the United States, you will need to hand your Visa Packet to the customs and border patrol officer on duty. They will process your application.

Your green card will be sent to you upon arrival if you have paid your USCIS Immigrant Fee. The immigration law team at Brown & Stedman LLP understands that this process can be complex and overwhelming.

We are here to help simply matters and assist you with navigating each step. We can help you assess which family-based visa may be optimal for your situation and aid you in gathering key paperwork and submitting your application. We aim to support you and your loved one through each step of the immigration process.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Physical Green Card?

The time that it takes to get your physical lawful permanent resident card depends on when you entered the country and the date that you paid the immigrant visa fee. If you entered the country using your immigrant visa and paid your fee after entrance, then you can expect to get your card roughly three months after submitting your payment.

If you submitted your visa payment before entering the country on an immigrant visa, then you can expect to get your lawful permanent residence card 3 months after the date you entered. It’s important to note that you cannot receive your physical permanent residence card if you do not pay the fee for your family-based immigration visa. A family-based immigration lawyer from our firm can help you get a better idea of when you can expect to receive your card based on your unique circumstances.

Can I Apply for a Family-Based Green Card From Riverside, CA?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a family-based green card from Riverside, California if you meet certain eligibility requirements. First off, you must be eligible to get an immigrant visa, meaning that you were inspected and paroled when you entered the United States or that you were inspected and admitted.

You must file Form I-485, or “Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status,” while you are physically present in the United States. When USCIS reviews and accepts your application, a visa must be available. You will also have to have a family member file an I-130 petition on your behalf, but this can be filed before the I-485 or in conjunction with filing the I-485.

What Should I Look for In a Riverside Family-Based Immigration Lawyer?

If you or a loved one is facing immigration challenges related to family-based immigration, then you may be unsure about how to find a qualified legal professional to represent your case. There are certain characteristics that you can generally look for in an immigration lawyer to determine whether they are the right attorney to represent your case. Some of these characteristics include:

  • Experience Handling Complex Cases. Family-based immigration cases may be complex and can involve questions about applications for individuals with criminal charges. Handling and updating cases that have already been submitted is another challenge. It’s important to work with a lawyer who can think creatively to handle complex situations that need a workaround.
  • Strong Communication Skills. Your attorney will have to communicate frequently with you to understand all the details of your case, make suggestions, get your feedback, and inform you about updates and changes in the application process. They will also contact various government agencies on your behalf. Therefore, it is crucial for immigration attorneys to have exceptional communication skills.
  • Detail-Oriented Tactics. Family-based immigration processes can last months and often take years to resolve fully. They also entail multiple steps with large quantities of documentation. For this reason, it is key to have an attorney who can stay on top of intricate processes and paperwork trails so that all applications are uploaded properly and on time.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Family Law. An attorney who is familiar with family law in Riverside, CA, and immigration law on the federal level can analyze the details of your case. They can consider your case outcome goals and then determine an immigration route that is optimal for you and your family, both in terms of money and time.
  • An Established Track Record. When looking for a lawyer to take on your case, it’s important to consider one who has an established reputation in Riverside and who has had successful outcomes in cases similar to yours. To get a feel for a law firm’s reputation, you can ask around in the community and look at the firm’s website.

Working with a family-based immigration lawyer who centers family values at the core of their firm is another encouraging aspect when looking for an attorney for your case. At Brown & Stedman LLP, our dedicated team has been putting families first for years, leveraging all the legal and bureaucratic tactics we can to help bring family members together in Riverside.

Our law firm employs a client-centered approach, meaning we prioritize addressing your questions and concerns and your case outcomes when crafting your immigration plan. As family-based immigration rules, regulations, and processing times are frequently changing, we stay on top of the news to understand how such updates may impact your particular case.

How Much Does a Family Immigration Lawyer Cost in California?

The cost of a family immigration lawyer can vary from around $100 to $600 per hour, depending on certain factors, including the location of the law firm, the amount of experience the attorney has, and the complexity of your case. Depending on the case and the firm, the attorney might charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. For marriage visa applications, the prices range from $1,000 to $5,000, while a fiancé visa will range from $800 to $3,300.

It’s important to note that just because a family-based immigration lawyer may charge more, this does not necessarily mean that they are a better attorney. There are knowledgeable and experienced Riverside attorneys who charge reasonable rates. It is more important to focus on whether the attorney is transparent with you about the pricing from the beginning so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

Let a Riverside Family-Based Immigration Lawyer Help You Make Your Dreams a Reality

Family-based immigration is one of the most commonly used pathways to live and work in the United States. Whether you are just interested in visiting a family member in Riverside or are looking to apply for an adjustment of status from California on the basis of a familial relationship, a dedicated lawyer from Brown & Stedman LLP can help you. We can support you through each step of the way. Contact our loyal legal team to get started today.

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