Why Work With An Immigration Attorney?

If you are trying to come to the United States to work or would like to bring your family, it’s important that you understand the laws as well as the process for doing so. Many people believe that they can fill out forms and provide documentation to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services without support, but if you do make mistakes, then you could cost yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars and still not have an immigration visa to show for it.

The USCIS has a helpful page that discusses the best form filing tips, which can help you get your forms set up well. However, even if you use these, it’s still wise to take them to your immigration attorney to review them and make sure everything looks right. This might seem like an unnecessary step, but by making sure that your forms are filled out correctly and are the latest available, you’ll save yourself any unnecessary trouble from the USCIS over basic form-related issues.

What are some tips for filling out immigration forms before you meet with your attorney?

If you want to prepare your forms in advance, this can help you be sure that all the necessary information (or at least most of it) is with you when you speak with your attorney. The USCIS suggests following these tips:

  1. Download forms from the USCIS website to make sure they’re the most current forms available
  2. Start with a new form if any errors are made
  3. Don’t use correction fluid or highlights, because the information won’t be read correctly by the scanners
  4. Fill out the entire form
  5. Sign all forms. Forms without signatures are rejected by the USCIS
  6. Pay the correct fee. If the fee is incorrect, then the form will be rejected.
  7. Only use single-sided applications

Your attorney will go over these and other tips to make sure your form is legible and set up the way that the USCIS wants. Doing this gets you through the initial stage where rejections are made simply for not following directions. Be 100% sure your form is filled out correctly before you send it into the USCIS to improve your chances of an approval.

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