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DUIs are serious criminal charges. An arrest can feel like your world will collapse. The potential consequences, like license suspensions, jail time, and years of a criminal record, can feel impossible to face alone. With Brown & Stedman LLP, you do not have to face the challenges alone. Our Moreno Valley DUI attorney is here to protect your future.

Accepting your charges leaves you at the mercy of the criminal justice system. You have no requirement to plead guilty and suffer the consequences. You should know that you have options in the California DUI process. With our team by your side, you have criminal defense attorneys who can work to help you avoid fines, jail time, and long-term license suspensions. Depending on the facts of your case, you can walk away without a record.

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Fighting Against Your Moreno Valley DUI Charges

California, like many states, has strict DUI laws. A conviction can have severe consequences and alter your future. Our team understands Moreno Valley DUI laws and wants to fight your conviction.

At Brown & Stedman LLP, we have a history of fighting DUI charges throughout Moreno Valley. In California, the burden of proof requires prosecutors to show that you drove the vehicle and were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. After some people’s arrests, they believe their case is clear-cut. They think that the prosecution using police records or sobriety tests will prove their guilt, but this is not always the case. The DUI arrest procedure can have glaring issues. Let us help put them on display.

Fighting for a DUI dismissal alone is daunting and often results in an unfavorable outcome. We cannot recommend attempting to get a DUI dismissal alone, but we can recommend our services. You can consult us about your case details if you seek a dismissal. We can provide compassionate service and find a suitable defense for your drunk driving defense.

What if My DUI Stop Was Illegal?

While some DUI stops go by the book, others are illegal. We work to find out which category your case falls into. If your stop had significant flaws in procedure, we can motion for the court to dismiss your case. An unlawful stop can mean excluding evidence an officer obtained from the stop, like breathalyzer or sobriety tests. Our DWI lawyer can examine every part of the stop from questioning while they stopped you to what their thoughts were upon stopping you.

There are moments when an officer stops someone without probable cause to believe they were driving under the influence. While driving at high or extremely low speed or exhibiting signs of impairment can be probable cause, a slight weave in your lane is not. A lack of probable cause can result in a motion for suppressing evidence to weaken the prosecution’s case.

Are Sobriety Tests Always Reliable?

Field sobriety tests can be unreliable and unpopular. They can also be inconsistent and subjective, leaving many people wondering why the legal system allows law enforcement to use them. If you fail one of these roadside challenges meant to assess your physical coordination and mental state, this does not mean you are guilty.

We believe that having the ability to listen perfectly and pass these tests can be difficult for people, whether they are under the influence or completely sober. Officers can claim that field sobriety tests correctly indicate intoxication levels, but these tests can have significant flaws. Our DUI attorney can work with you to challenge the validity of tests used on you.

Many times, an officer can intentionally deviate from a standard test administration to cause the individual in question to make a mistake. If law enforcement personalizes your test to force mistakes, the results can be unreliable, and we can work to dismiss them in court.

Factors like weather and medical conditions, physical limitations, and unstable footwear can influence test results, so make sure that you inform us of any element that may have led to an inaccurate test. Finding any inconsistency, improper procedure, or severe error can hurt the prosecution’s case against you by casting doubt on the accuracy of evidence.

Can Blood Alcohol Tests Have Issues?

Law enforcement can use blood or breath tests to detect a driver’s blood alcohol content. Sometimes, these chemical tests provide an accurate result. Other times, they can be widely inaccurate. If you believe that your result was incorrect, we can expose errors, such as:

  • Calibration Errors: Chemical tests can require consistent calibration to ensure accurate readings. Despite this, some officers may attempt to test without correctly calibrating. If our investigation finds improper calibration, we can seek dismissal of the evidence.
  • Improper Storage and Procedure: Blood collection, storage, and transportation protocols exist. Deviation from any of the strict protocols can compromise results.
  • Impact of Medical Conditions: Some people have medical conditions that interfere with blood alcohol test results. If your medical condition skewed the results, they may be unreliable and worthy of dismissal.

Are Witnesses Important in DUI Cases?

Witnesses can be vital in DUI cases. If passengers were in your car and contradicted an officer’s testimony, this can contribute to a positive case outcome. Additionally, people near the scene, like general bystanders, might have testimonies that can lead to case dismissal.

Witnesses to Challenge Officer Observations

Officers can make claims you know are incorrect, but it may seem like your word versus theirs. Having witnesses that can refute an officer’s claims can be key to a solid defense. Claims about driving behavior can be inconsistent when video evidence does not exist.

Maybe the officer simply cannot accurately recall what happened. Perhaps they misspoke once and stick to an invalid story. No matter the reason, if a passenger can testify that you drove your vehicle safely while following the speed limit, this can directly contradict officer testimony.

A Witness Can Help Establish Your Sobriety

There was likely more to your day than your DUI arrest. When witnesses interact with you before or after your arrest, their ability to testify can establish your sobriety to the court. Casting doubt on your DUI accusation or an officer’s reason for stopping you can be crucial in your case. Colleagues who saw you acting generally at work or friends who were with you for hours without any drinks before you drove may be able to fight for your innocence in court.

Passengers That Can Provide Needed Context

Commonly, officers claim to see strange behavior and proceed to pull someone over for DUI. While sometimes people may be guilty, other times, they might be innocent and a casualty of circumstance. Passengers who rode in your vehicle may have critical details to explain the situation. While an officer can be unlikely to listen to their context while arresting you, the court can give your passenger a chance to speak.

An example of needed context can be if you swerved to avoid a road hazard, but the officer believed you swerved because of impairment. This misinterpretation of your actions requires this context to show that the officer made an error.

Is It Worth Getting a DUI Attorney in California?

Many people may believe that it is not worth it to get a DUI lawyer in California, but this is not true. Resigning to a guilty verdict is unwise. You are not automatically guilty when an officer arrests you for DUI. Our Moreno Valley DUI attorney can help fight for your innocence. A DUI conviction can be more severe than you realize. In Moreno Valley, you can face consequences that extend much further than fines, such as:

License Suspension

Moreno Valley residents can depend more on their driving ability than they may understand. Without a license, life can become complicated, especially when you need to perform simple tasks. Making doctor’s appointments or arriving at work consistently can become nearly impossible. Unless you have money saved to use rideshare applications every time you need to go somewhere, losing your license can damage your quality of life.

Jail Time

Your DUI attorney from Brown & Stedman LLP can explain why jail time is unlikely with a first-time DUI charge, but many people still fear the possibility. The penalty is possible, and aggravating factors can make a jail sentence very likely. Depending on your criminal history, a court may not be lenient with your sentence. Losing your job because of a DUI jail sentence is not worth avoiding hiring legal representation. Your life can change forever after a jail stint.

Employment Difficulties

DUI convictions can show up on your background check. Some employers can see a DUI on an application and see the applicant differently after. You may have to seek another employer if a position requires driving or a clean criminal background. Having your earning potential suffer from a mistake can cause hardships you never expected.

In many counties in California, professional licenses and certifications can become unattainable or revoked after a DUI conviction. If you have planned your life based on your ability to be a doctor, lawyer, or high-responsibility position, a DUI conviction can dramatically alter your plans.

Secure Assistance in Your Moreno Valley DUI Case

Settling for a guilty verdict in a DUI case is unnecessary. At Brown & Stedman LLP, we can utilize all defenses available to us to craft the optimal strategy for your case. We can work to challenge an officer’s narrative. Highlighting inconsistencies or procedural errors can force a court to dismiss your case. Do not accept your charges without consulting a skilled DUI attorney. Contact Brown & Stedman LLP today to fight for your future.

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