Car insurance after a DUI conviction

Everyone knows that a DUI can be very expensive. From bail bonds to court fees, DUIs are nothing but heavy-hitting on the pocketbook. But something that’s not as frequently talked about is the financial impact a DUI can have on a driver’s car insurance. Here’s a little bit of a breakdown of that impact.


If prosecuted with a DUI, a driver’s car insurance rate will, without a doubt, increase. It is estimated that post-DUI conviction, a driver’s rates can increase between 30 and 100 percent. Or more. The driver will now more than likely be viewed as a high-risk driver, and due to this, charges will be applicable.


A California driver convicted of a DUI will more than likely have to file for an SR-22. An SR-22 is a state certification known as a “statement of financial responsibility.” This certification is issued by the State of California and proves that the car insurance policy a driver has adheres to the State of California’s minimum car insurance obligations. An insurance company will typically file for an SR-22 on behalf of a driver.

Long-term impact

A DUI is not something that will slide off a driving record in a matter of months or a single year. A DUI will more than likely be affecting a driver’s insurance rates for years to come.

It is also a possibility that an insurance company may drop a driver from their policy. Legally, an insurance company is not permitted to do this when notified about a driver’s DUI conviction. However, an insurance company can opt to not renew a driver as a client once a driver’s current insurance policy with them has elapsed.