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What Does A DUI Charge Have To Do With Immigration?

Many people pick up a charge for driving while under the influence (DUI). They put it down to bad luck or making a wrong choice. It never crosses their mind that they could contest it. It never crosses their mind they should…

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What Is A U Visa?

A U visa offers protection from deportation for victims of certain crimes who have suffered abuse. The visa aims to help people escape their abusive relationships. It is for people who are too afraid to report the abuse because they rely on…

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What Is ‘A Crime Of Moral Turpitude’?

The language barrier is of the biggest challenges immigrants face when they come to the United States. People can struggle to read and write when English is not their first language, making it difficult to do things like get a job or…

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Why A Plea Deal Could Harm Your Immigration Status

If you grew up watching U.S. detective shows, it is easy to misunderstand how the justice system works. You might think that if the police charge you with a crime, you will go to trial to fight the charges. Yet, recent research…

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How California Increases Penalties For Each Additional DUI Charge

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Impaired driving is a common reason people get arrested. Some drunk or drugged driving arrests occur after someone causes a crash that results in property damage or injury. However, quite a few driving under the influence (DUI) charges are victimless and result…

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How Can I Help My Fiancée Immigrate To The United States?

You may have spent part of your career working overseas, and while there, you met the love of your life. You returned to work in California a couple years ago, but you kept up your long-distance relationship. Now, you are ready to…

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What Makes You Eligible For An Adjustment Of Your Status?

Thousands of people legally enter the United States every year, but most of them have to leave again. Visas have expiration dates. Even if you apply for extensions and renewals, your visa will eventually end. Those who want to stay in the…

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