Can You Legally Grow Your Own Marijuana In California?

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An unfortunate side effect of marijuana reform in California is that some people believe they can now do anything without consequences. Although recreational cannabis is legal, there are still many laws regarding the use and cultivation of this substance. Failing to abide by these laws can still land you in jail for one or more drug crimes.

Instead of assuming you can do whatever you like with marijuana, it is much better to find out how to enjoy cannabis without breaking any laws. For example, you may grow weed on your property, but you must comply with state cultivation laws.

How much marijuana can you grow for personal use?

Currently, adult residents (18-years or older) in Costa Mesa and other state regions may cultivate no more than six marijuana plants for their personal use. Those who grow cannabis for personal use may also possess and consume the harvest from these plants. If you break these cultivation laws, you may expect the following penalties:

  • A possible jail sentence of up to six months
  • A possible fine of up to $500

If you have been convicted in the past for breaking state marijuana cultivation laws, you can expect the consequences you face to increase. Further, if your growing activities violate other laws (water theft, environmental harm, etc.), you could face significant time in prison.

Ignorance of the current laws regarding the cultivation of cannabis in California will not protect you from punishment if arrested. However, when you make an effort to learn more about state marijuana laws, you can grow weed for personal use without interference from law enforcement.

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