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Can You Legally Use Marijuana In California If You Aren’t A U.S. Citizen?

Cannabis products are legal for recreational use in California. You might assume, then, that you’re safe from legal ramifications if you decide to indulge a little. That might be true as long as you are here in the United States on a…

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Why Do People Want To Immigrate To The U.S.?

The United States has always been founded on immigration. It plays a massive role in the country’s history. The vast majority of people who live here now are descended from people who originally arrived on boats, airplanes, trains, cars and other means…

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Car Insurance After A DUI Conviction

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Everyone knows that a DUI can be very expensive. From bail bonds to court fees, DUIs are nothing but heavy-hitting on the pocketbook. But something that’s not as frequently talked about is the financial impact a DUI can have on a driver’s…

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What Are Some Effective Defenses Against California DUI Charges?

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Whether it is your first DUI arrest, or you have already been through the booking and prosecution process, it is your constitutional right to defend yourself. As you may know, having even just one DUI conviction on your record can impact your…

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