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What You Need To Know If You’re Adopting A Child Who Was Born Outside The U.S.

If you’re a U.S. citizen and/or your spouse is, and you’re considering adopting a child from outside the U.S., you no doubt want that child to have U.S. citizenship. You don’t want them to wait until they’re an adult and go through…

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Applying For A Green Card Through Marriage? Expect Many Questions

Marriage between a citizen and non-citizen qualifies the non-U.S. citizen for a prized green card. Because a few people married to get a green card, immigration authorities assume other couples might be doing it for the same reason. So, they will carry…

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Can I Bring My Children To Live With Me In The U.S.?

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Not all couples marry. Not all children who live together share the same two parents. If you want to bring your child to the United States, you need to understand how immigration authorities define children.…

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Can I Bring My Fiancé To The United States?

Getting engaged with someone is an exciting time with lots to do. If they live in a different country, finding the right engagement ring may be the least of your worries. Your biggest problem is how to get them to live in…

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Domestic Problems Could Become An Immigration Issue

What happens in your home may not stay in your home. If a family member accuses you of domestic violence, you could face all sorts of consequences. One of these could be damaging your chance to remain in the country. Immigration authorities…

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How Can I Help My Fiancée Immigrate To The United States?

You may have spent part of your career working overseas, and while there, you met the love of your life. You returned to work in California a couple years ago, but you kept up your long-distance relationship. Now, you are ready to…

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What Makes You Eligible For An Adjustment Of Your Status?

Thousands of people legally enter the United States every year, but most of them have to leave again. Visas have expiration dates. Even if you apply for extensions and renewals, your visa will eventually end. Those who want to stay in the…

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When Can You Ask The U.S. For Asylum If You’re Facing Deportation?

Are you an immigrant who is afraid to return to your home country? Are you facing the very real prospect of returning to a country that likely doesn’t want you? You aren’t alone. Every day, immigrants in the U.S. apply for asylum.…

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Who Can Help Their Families Immigrate To The United States?

People often talk about family immigration without really understanding how it works. There are three separate forms of family immigration that people can participate in if they want to enter the United States with or after a loved one. Each of these…

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Who Can Citizens, Residents Sponsor With Family Immigration?

Many people come to California from other countries for a new start in life. Various aspects of the United States may attract them, and in the end, they found themselves making this country their permanent home. After becoming legal permanent residents or…

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