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What Is A U Visa?

A U visa offers protection from deportation for victims of certain crimes who have suffered abuse. The visa aims to help people escape their abusive relationships. It is for people who are too afraid to report the abuse because they rely on…

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These Actions Could Put Your Green Card At Risk

Hearing that your 22-year-old son may be about to lose their Green Card can throw your world into turmoil. How could this happen? Aren’t Green Cards supposed to be pretty permanent? Well, not exactly. While obtaining a Green Card can make life a…

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Supreme Court Protects DACA, Says Trump Didn’t Provide Reason

The Supreme Court made a monumental ruling in favor of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The Trump administration had been trying to end the program, but the court ruled that they cannot do so at this time. The reason for…

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Why Do People Want To Immigrate To The U.S.?

The United States has always been founded on immigration. It plays a massive role in the country’s history. The vast majority of people who live here now are descended from people who originally arrived on boats, airplanes, trains, cars and other means…

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Why You Should Consult An Immigration Attorney For Help

If you have immigration-related questions or concerns, such as how to bring your family to the United States or how to change your status, it’s important that you’re 100% sure of the steps to take. Even if you have basic knowledge of the…

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What Are The Steps For Naturalization?

Many people long to become U.S. citizens. Though rules about immigration seem in near constant flux, the naturalization process has remained relatively the same. Naturalization is the process that allows immigrants to become legal U.S. citizens. To qualify for the process, immigrants…

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