Can I bring my fiancé to the United States?

Getting engaged with someone is an exciting time with lots to do. If they live in a different country, finding the right engagement ring may be the least of your worries. Your biggest problem is how to get them to live in the U.S. with you.


When you get engaged, the other person becomes your fiancé if they are male, or your fiancée if they are female. That means you can apply for a fiancé(e) visa. Also known as a K-1 non-immigrant visa.


How long do you have to get married on a fiancé visa?


Many people get engaged and do not marry for years. If you wish to use a fiancé visa for your partner to join you in the U.S. you need a plan to get married soon. You must marry them within 90 days of their arrival into the country on their K-1 visa.


If you do not want to get married soon, they need to find another way to join you. Once you marry, your spouse can apply for a green card. The immigration authorities will decide whether to issue one or not.


Can my fiancé’s children get a visa?


If your fiancé has children, they can also apply to come into the country. They will need a K-2 visa. Once you marry your fiancé, their child can also apply for a green card. To apply for either, they need to be under 21 years old and unmarried.


As with the fiancé visa, the immigration authorities want to be sure you are applying for the right reasons. Proving this to them can be challenging, and you may need help.