Has the citizenship test changed?

There are many steps to becoming a U.S. citizen. One of the ones you may worry about is the citizenship test or civic test, as it is also known. Reports abound of Americans who have lived here all their lives struggling to complete it. For someone who has not, it may seem daunting.

The citizenship test has returned to how it was before

The previous administration was not pro-immigration. One of the things they did last year was to make the citizenship test more difficult. Thankfully the new administration is less hostile to people coming into the U.S. from overseas. They recently announced that immigration authorities should revert to using the old test. From April 19 onwards, the test used will be the one that was in place since 2008.

What does the civic test now consist of?

Here is what the test requires:

  • You have to study 100 questions
  • You have 10 questions to answer
  • You have to get six questions correct

How difficult is the test?

When you hear about lifelong American citizens failing the test, you might assume it is difficult. Do not worry. It is a common anomaly across the world. People often fail citizenship tests for countries they are citizens of. It is because the questions asked are specific. When you live in a place, you might never consider them. You can visit the test site and practice as much as you like until you know the answers to all 100 questions.

Gaining U.S. citizenship is a journey, and you will face various challenges along the way. Mistakes can send you back to the beginning. They could even end your chances for good. You do not need to tackle the journey alone.

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