Depression Can Be A Driving Factor Of DUIs

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Dealing with depression can be very difficult. A person affected by depression will often engage in avoidant behaviors: They will try to numb the pain of their emotional state by potentially using alcohol or drugs. Sadly, alcohol will only temporarily mask the symptoms of depression at best. While it may help the sufferer to deal with their emotions for a few hours, they will only end up feeling worse, since alcohol itself is a depressant, and can even heighten feelings of depression and anxiety.

If you are going through mental health issues and you have recently been charged with a DUI, this may have only contributed to negative thoughts you have been having about yourself, and you may now be feeling even worse. However, it’s never too late to change the course of your life. The following are some tips for turning your life around after facing DUI charges and struggling with depression.

Draw a line in the sand

Sometimes, you have to get to a very low place before you are able to say “enough is enough.” Perhaps now you are ready to face life head-on and start addressing the things that you may have avoided for so long.

Defend yourself

Defending yourself from DUI charges could be the first step in facing your problems head-on and improving your situation. Instead of allowing the shame and embarrassment to get the better of you, you can decide to look into the defense options available to you and successfully get the charges dropped.

Choose to be a champion rather than a victim

You get to choose how you view yourself. Depression can alter your grip on reality, convincing you that you are the victim or a loser, The fact is that you have the power to change this self-image and view yourself as the hero in your story through reflection and action.

Make sure that you take action to defend yourself against DUI charges and to get treatment for any mental health issues that you are struggling with.

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