2 California Men Arrested After Police Dog Sniffs Out Drugs

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Prosecutors accuse two men arrested in San Mateo of transporting a large amount of drugs from Southern California to the Bay Area. The arrests of the men, ages 24 and 29, occurred after San Mateo police officers initiated a traffic stop on South Norfolk Street. Officers reported finding some methamphetamine in the driver’s possession. For this reason, they called in the department’s drug-sniffing dog. The dog allegedly indicated that a suitcase in the vehicle contained drugs. The officers opened it and reported finding 35 pounds of methamphetamine and 2 pounds of heroin.

According to the police officers, they originally stopped the vehicle with the two men because of its tinted windows. The men now face felony charges for possessing and transporting methamphetamine and heroin for the purpose of selling it. They have both entered not guilty pleas.

The court set their bail at $24 million, and authorities continue to detain them. The county has appointed them counsel from the private defender program.

Someone in a situation like this has the right to seek legal representation beyond what a county court might provide. An attorney familiar with defense strategies for drug crimes might take a close look at the circumstances that led to the search of a vehicle or home. Evidence seized during an unlawful search and seizure might be suppressed if a defense attorney raises the issue. A person may also gain insights about the overall strength of a case from an attorney. An independent legal opinion might help a person decide whether to defend innocence at a trial or pursue a plea bargain. In either situation, an attorney may be able to initiate conversations with a prosecutor that lead to a reduction or dismissal of some charges.

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