Why do people want to immigrate to the U.S.?

The United States has always been founded on immigration. It plays a massive role in the country’s history. The vast majority of people who live here now are descended from people who originally arrived on boats, airplanes, trains, cars and other means of transportation. This will always be part of the country’s identity. 

But why, exactly, do people want to bring their families here? Some potential reasons include:

  • To search out new employment opportunities that they may not have in their home countries
  • To find a safer place to raise their family and escape persecution and/or violence
  • To take advantage of the educational system, especially when trying to help their children improve their lives
  • To get out of poverty and simply improve their quality of life
  • To get the medical care that they need and to use the healthcare system here if it is better than the one in their home country
  • To give their children opportunities that they never had; even couples without children will do this, planning for what the future holds
  • To meet back up with other family members who have already immigrated

This last reason often works hand-in-hand with some of the reasons above. For instance, an adult child immigrates to get a job, then ends up getting married and having a child. That person’s parents then immigrate to be closer to their grandchild and their growing family. 

No matter why you want to come to the United States, it’s crucial to know what steps you need to take. They may differ vastly depending on the reasons you wish to immigrate.