The importance of skilled defense against drug charges

A California man was sentenced to five years in prison for his part in a 30-pound methamphetamine deal. Another man in the same case was earlier given five years after pleading guilty, despite the efforts of prosecutors to have him sentenced for between eight and ten years.  

When a drug case goes to court, federal prosecutors often try to get longer sentences by claiming the defendant also committed various other offenses. In the case of the California man, they wanted to push charges of money laundering as well as drug distribution. In other cases, where the authorities find weapons on a person they are arresting for drug charges, they use this to increase the time someone will spend in jail.

The attorneys in last week’s trial said that their client followed orders from someone higher up the chain. Therefore if the other man received a five-year sentence, their client should be given less.

They also brought up the history of their client, saying he had become addicted to drugs due to the massive tragedy in his personal life. He had lost friends and family to murder, suicide and a car crash. They argued he was only involved in the drug ring due to his addiction, and that he carried out orders in exchange for drugs to feed his habit. 

If charged with a drug offense, it is vital to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney. Their job is to push back against the prosecutors and reduce the charges against you or dismiss them altogether.