What does a DUI charge have to do with immigration?

Many people pick up a charge for driving while under the influence (DUI). They put it down to bad luck or making a wrong choice. It never crosses their mind that they could contest it. It never crosses their mind they should contest it. If you are not a U.S. citizen, it becomes even more important to fight a DUI charge.

California issues tough penalties for DUIs

Contesting a charge will take time and cost you a little money. Yet, even for a first-time offense, the penalties if convicted will cost you more. Everyone should at least look at the option of contesting a charge. The feasibility will depend on the circumstances of their arrest. Some have more chance than others of defending the accusation.

Can the authorities deport you for a DUI?

In 2019, the attorney general ruled that two DUI offenses were evidence a person lacked moral character. He used it to justify a deportation. Reports suggest the current administration does not agree.

DUIs could harm your immigration applications

When applying for visas or citizenship, having a DUI could be the difference between acceptance and refusal. Immigration authorities cannot turn you down because of one DUI charge. Yet, they could combine it with other convictions you have for crimes or traffic offenses. They could present them as evidence that you are not a law-abiding person. If the judge agrees, they may reject your application.

Seek legal help to find out more about contesting a DUI charge. It is essential to understand the full consequences a DUI conviction can bring. Any criminal charge can hinder your attempts to stay in the country.