Applying for a green card through marriage? Expect many questions

Marriage between a citizen and non-citizen qualifies the non-U.S. citizen for a prized green card. Because a few people married to get a green card, immigration authorities assume other couples might be doing it for the same reason. So, they will carry out thorough checks.

Immigration officers will do their homework when checking your application. Do not make things up. If you tell them you live at a particular address, they may come and check. If you say you work at a specific place, they may ring your employer or drop by.

Immigration authorities will ask a lot of personal details if you want a green card through marriage

Immigration officials will interview you. They will listen to your answers and look at how you and your spouse act when together. They might also interview you one at a time, comparing the answers you give to those your spouse gives. Here are some of the questions they might ask you:

  • Questions about your history: What did you do on your first date? When did you first meet your in-laws? How many people attended your wedding?
  • Questions about your home: Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Can you draw the layout of your bathroom? What did you cook for dinner last night?
  • Questions about the other person: How many tattoos do they have? What is their route to work? What is their boss called?

There are various ways to apply for a green card, all present unique challenges. The immigration authorities make applying for a green card hard on purpose. Getting experienced legal help to guide you can increase your chances of success.