Could Drug Court Protect You From A Having A Criminal Record?

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There are multiple ways that you could run afoul of drug laws in California. For many people, chemical dependence or addiction will contribute to their legal troubles related to substance abuse or possession.

While some individuals can try a drug once or twice in a social environment and then never think about it again, others get hooked immediately. You often don’t realize until it is too late.

If you find yourself accused of a drug-related crime because of your chemical dependence, you may have legal options that will let you put this whole issue in the past.

The California drug courts want to help people achieve sobriety

The possession, consumption or intentional misuse of medications are all criminal offenses, and California will arrest and charge people for violating controlled substances laws and policies prohibiting other drugs.

Still, that doesn’t mean that California’s approach to drug crimes focuses solely on punishment. For those with an addiction, it may be possible to seek adjudication in the drug courts instead of in criminal court. In the California drug courts, an individual is subject to monitoring and randomized drug testing. They will also likely have to get treatment for their addiction.

Provided that a defendant complies with all of the requirements for drug court and completes the program, they may be able to not only address their addiction but also exit the criminal justice system without a permanent criminal record. Those facing a drug charge or with a loved one accused of an drug-related offense may need to look into drug court.

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